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The Morning Star Foundation was founded in 2006 as a nonprofit 501(c)3 to solicit and manage charitable gifts in a permanent fund to benefit youth. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

EIN: 20-4830357
UBI: 602 608 970

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Fundraising Success with
Transparency, Trust, & Innovation

An Insider's Look Behind the Scenes

We believe that we must innovate to ensure the ongoing mission of the Morning Star Foundation and its programs. Earning your trust with transparency and consistency is the key to our strategy for long-term success.

We rely upon the joint efforts of a team of finance and business professionals that comprise our Finance, Investments, and Property Management committee. We consistently strive for new and different ways to stretch the value of every donation. Our innovative team has developed a diversified portfolio to ensure the sustainability of our mission for generations to come.

Small, one-time or recurring, donations made by an individual or household.

Consists of selling event tickets and soliciting donations at events.

Large, one-time or recurring, donations made by an individual or household.

Donations consisting of goods, services, or time rather than cash.

Includes charitable trusts, annuities, and tools that provide income to donors.

Funds donated through a will or a documented estate plan.

Social and philanthropic initiatives launched by a company; donating to support and advocate for our joint mission.

Income from interest payments, dividends, capital gains collected upon the sale of securities or other assets.

Learn how the Foundation invests in Spokane-based startup companies.

How We Do It

Get to Know the Stewards of Our Financial Portfolio

Rule Follower. I use my experience in healthcare management, patient privacy, HIPAA, compliance, and auditing to dig into the heart of it all; building and strengthening relationships based on trust and transparency.


Lori Brennan, MBA, RHIA, CHC


  • Corporate Compliance & Privacy Manager: Inland Northwest Region, Multicare Health System

Committee Positions:

  • Member, Board of Directors since April 2019

  • Chair, Finance Committee

  • Member, Investments and Property Management Committee

  • Member, Grants Administration Committee


  • MBA Western Governors University

  • B.S. Health Administration University of Phoenix

Professional Helper. Committed to figuring out the most successful approaches to accounting and professional services, while adding massive value to my clients, my team and my community.

Board Member

Steven Jarvis, CPA


  • Assurance Director, Clifton Larson Allen, LLP

  • Adjunct Professor, Whitworth University MBA Program

  • Board Member, Transitions

Committee Positions:

  • Member, Board of Directors since June 2020

  • Member, Finance Committee

  • Member, Property and Investments Committee


  • MBA Eastern Washington University

  • BS Accounting, Brigham Young University